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A Better Built Structure!

We are a group of uniquely qualified stick, timber and metal frame carpenters, contractors, builders that is trained and experienced within all forms of the framing trade.

We believe that in order to be ready for what come in the future we must be prepared and stay in the cutting edge of our chosen craft.

Old Pro Framing

by A Better Construction Co

Our Services:  ​A Better Construction Company (ABC) in Oklahoma City preforms on all levels of building and remodeling. We offer start-to-finish solutions for every project. We are skilled structural framers by trade but we are also a specialty metal contractors and have a passion for building all types of structures. We specialize in all forms of stick (wood) and metal (steel / aluminum) framing. We have expanded into light gauge steel (LGS) and structural insulated panels (SIP) framing disciplines as well. We do build all forms of new construction, additions. We are also known as Patio Covers and Carports of Ok which also builds all forms of garages, sunrooms, screen rooms, porta-coheres. porticos, porches, pavilions, patio covers, carports, bollards, decks, canopies, awnings, movable slat canopies, rolling awnings / security gates / shutters and architectural shade structures and more.  


We guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project. We are uniquely qualified, crossed trained between wood and metal experienced professional builder / contractors. Normally there is a designed blueprint with building material specifications included or a project plan of the project to be built. In the event there is no plan the only way we can give a price quote is to meet face to face to gain a clear understanding of what is to built. If no plans are available then we have to do our leg work upfront so there can be a meeting of the minds and a clear understanding of what is to be built and how it is to be built as well as what type of building materials are going to be used. We do not fly blind and don't expect any customers would want to either. Upfront and straight forward in every way is our recipe of our long term success. 
We have to get on the same page going forward. 

There are also numerous different types of building materials that come in different grades and different thicknesses and specs that has different cost associated with them. Any good bid proposal takes time. effort and energy to put together. So within a plan we have narrow down these different building options and gain a clear understanding of what is to be built before we are able to put together any bid proposal for any one project. Any question or comments just jump on our contact page or call us.  




A Better Construction Framing Company